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Prateik Gets Mom Smita Patil’s Name Tattooed On His Chest

In order to make his late mom and iconic Bollywood star immortal in his life, Bollywood film actor Prateik gets his mom Smita Patil's name tattooed on his chest.

Best loved for his performances in Bollywood film Ek Deewana Tha, the budding film star Prateik Babbar has successfully managed to create a permanent niche and space for himself in this highly competitive bollywood industry. He is the son of legendary B town star Raj Babbar and iconic stellar late star Smita Patil. Prateik has often opened up through his social media posts about how deeply he misses his mother Smita Patil who died at young age of 31 years old due to childbirth complications and now to make her mother’s memories more integral, Prateik gets mom Smita Patil’s name tattooed on his chest.

Taking to his official insta handle a few days back dropping a post about same, Prateik gets mom Smita Patil’s name tattooed on his chest.

To immortalize his mother’s memories and make himself feel at home with his mom through this lovable gesture, Prateik gets mom Smita Patil’s name tattooed on his chest.

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Prateik dropped an adorable picture on his instagram account in which he is seen shirtless lying around with his pet dog. Most special factor here is that on his chest we see his mom’s name Smita inked along with the year 1955 and also the infinity sign as well. He penned a heartwarming post caption for the picture which read, “inked my mother’s name on my heart”.

Source: Prat Instagram. He posted this picture few days back which sees his mom’s name tattooed on his chest.

Later in his interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, whilst talking about the tattoo he said, “I always wanted my mother’s name tattooed. I have been indecisive about it for years. The moment finally felt right. She’s inked exactly where she’s supposed to be, on my heart. 1955 signifies the year she was born & now with me till infinity”.

Last year back in 2020, on mom Smita Patil’s 34th death anniversary, Prateik wrote a totally heartfelt note calling his late mother a perfect role model. Sharing a picture of his mom, he wrote, “34 years ago today my mother left us.. over the years.. iv tried to imagine & create the perfect image of her.. in my mind & heart.. we’ve arrived at a very special place.. a very precious place.. now.. she’s the perfect mother.. the perfect woman.. the perfect role model.. the apple of every little boys eye.. that perfect mother every little boy idolises.. & wants to grow up to be like.. the one that will never leave your side.. & stay #4ever.. till the end of time.. & every year she grows younger.. with me.. she’s 65 years young now.. she will continue to live with me.. within me.. to infinity.. & beyond.. my beautiful.. mama queen.. my reason.. numero uno.. my #superstar #legend…rest in #love.. in #power.. in #paradise”.

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