Prasoon Backs Kangana’s Statements In Bollywood Drugs Nexus Probe

CBFC Chairman and renowned music composer / lyricist Prasoon Joshi, backs Kangana's statements in Bollywood drugs nexus probe.

This is a recent new update that the prolific music composer and lyricist Prasoon backs Queen of B Town Kangana’s statements in Bollywood drugs nexus probe.

Where she is often slammed and criticized for being so fearless and bold about her opinions nowadays, its a relief to have found a moral support and this news has surely made all her fans happy that Prasoon backs their favorite actor Kangana’s statements in Bollywood drugs nexus probe related to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death whose thorough investigation is being done by the NCB.

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There are new updates in the ongoing Bollywood drugs nexus probe being done by the NCB where new facts and truths are coming out each day which has put the film industry, fans, audiences and youth in shock as slowly everyone is getting to know about the existence of a illegal drugs cartel in the B Town.

It is actually all the more of a surprising truth revelation as the A lister actors who are idolized by the fans their names have been coming under the NCB’s radar and scanner where official summons are being sent out to those actors for their investigation and connection to the Bollywood drugs nexus based on the digital evidences they collected from those actor’s phones in form of Whatsapp chats.

CBFC Chairman Prasoon Joshi who is also a music composer and lyricist in Bollywood films industry has come out and up front in support of the Padmashri award winner Kangana Ranaut in the recent ongoing Bollywood drugs nexus probe.

On a recent virtual interview with a leading TV news channel, Prasoon backed Kangana’s statements in the ongoing bollywood drugs nexus probe and said that, “We must not trivialize what Kangana has said”.

Where nowadays the reigning queen of Bollywood is being criticized and has her own set of trolls, its a good thing to see the CBFC chairman Prasoon Joshi coming out in support of Kangana in the recent on going bollywood drugs row where according to him, she is telling her truth and it shouldn’t be trivialized.

In this recent new virtual interview Prasoon spoke in length and detail about the fact that Bollywood is being singled out just due to its connection with drugs abuse angle and hating an entire industry which has also done some beautiful work in form of cult classic films and made the actors who they are today is unjust and really not fair.

However, in the same lines he also explained the fact that Kangana is telling her truth and that shouldn’t be trivialized.

Source: Times Now Twitter. Prasoon backs Kangana’s statements in the ongoing Bollywood drugs angle probe.