Prasanth Varma Breaks Silence On His Rumored Disagreement With Ranveer Singh

In a recent interview, filmmaker Prasanth Varma finally addressed his "rift" rumors with Ranveer Singh over their film, "Rakshas".

Finally, director Prasanth Varma has spoken about the rumored rift between him and Ranveer Singh regarding ‘Rakshas.’ The acclaimed South Indian filmmaker behind ‘HanuMan’ has been in the spotlight since the success of his film.

Prasanth had reportedly shelved another Telugu project due to Singh’s interest in ‘Rakshas.’ However, in a recent interview, the director denied any feud between them. He confirmed that Singh visited his office with his entire team and even conducted a look-test.

“Yes, Ranveer Singh has his own style. He came to the office with a whole caravan. But, the way of working in the South is different. Here everyone works as a team. No one ever tries to impose any kind of authority on anyone.Speaking about the rumours of creative differences and prolonged shoot times”, he revealed to Amar Ujala.

He added, “The talk of me taking three-four days to shoot for half an hour is unfounded. We completed his look test efficiently. I’m not sure where these rumours originated, and I prefer not to dwell on them”.

Ranveer Singh Walks Out Of Prasanth Varma’s Film, “Rakshas”

Earlier, it was reported that the producers of ‘Rakshas’ were upset with Ranveer Singh for abruptly withdrawing from the film. A source close to the production revealed to Pinkvilla, that Ranveer Singh left without explanation, despite earlier rumors of creative differences with director Prasanth Varma. Singh traveled to Hyderabad in April for a promotional photoshoot, but there were complications with the announcement. It was stated that they parted ways amicably due to creative disagreements, despite attempts to reconcile.

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