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Prakash Jha Reveals If Aashram Series Is Inspired From Asaram Bapu & Ram Rahim

As Aashram Season 3 is about to release, director and producer Prakash Jha answers the burning question about the series being inspired from controversial spiritual gurus Asaram Bapu and Ram Rahim.

During the latest press conference of Aashram Season 3, Filmmaker Prakash Jha was asked by a journalist since he has mentioned that the series isn’t inspired by Ram Rahim and Asaram Bapu but it still shows similarities in many of its events, so what would he like to say about it.

To this, the filmmaker said, “Under the guise of religion and faith, because we have Gurukul here, there is religion, there is spirituality, there is culture, and the Gurus have a very deep and old tradition and since it’s hard to get there, that’s why the common man wants to find an easy way to get out of his insecurities and to mislead and misuse that trust people among us become Gurus, those who do not have knowledge of themselves, they start giving knowledge to others. So almost all of these characters are like this whether those whose names are taken by you and there are many other who have similar characters as such. This way of thinking, distortion is in their behavior so you will see those shades somewhere, So we have always maintained that the story is not made on their biography, In this, understanding all the things that are in the public domain of everyone, keeping the reality in mind, fiction has been created of how this system works internally and externally. And I am glad that the platform MX Player has given us the freedom to interpret this story including the creative team and content head Gautam and Tejpal. It has been my habit to touch such things and subjects, then people will have thoughts, some will have negative thoughts, But I think that against one negative thought, there are thousands of positive thinking people. So don’t worry too much about them.”

Ek Badnaam… Aashram Season 3 is directed and produced by Prakash Jha. It features Bobby Deol, Darshan Kumaar, Adhyayan Suman, Anupriya Goenka amongst others. Aashram Season 3 will start streaming on MX Player on June 3.

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