Prakash Jha Refuses To Comment On Boycott Trend Says Will React When Good Films Suffer

Filmmaker Prakash Jha shared his thoughts on the ongoing boycott trend in Bollywood

Prakash Jha is busy promoting his upcoming film Matto Ki Saikil. In the film, he will play a labour’s role whose life gets affected when his cycle gets damaged. Before its scheduled release on 16th September, the Matto Ki Saikil premiered at Busan International Film Festival in 2020. Filmmaker Prakash Jha shared his thoughts on the ongoing boycott trend in Bollywood. 

Prakash Jha received critical acclamation for his political crime thriller series Aashram.  In June third season of the series was released after two successful seasons. While promoting his upcoming film Matto Ki Saikil, the filmmaker spoke on the much-talked topic of the industry. Currently, Bollywood films are not working at the box office following boycott calls, to this, he said there will always be people against projects. 

Talking about the boycott trend Prakash Jha said, “But that has always been there. Now it has become visible because they can come on social media and talk about it. I will be able to comment on something like this when I have a great film, whether it is Lagaan or Dangal, and that gets boycotted, and people don’t come to see it. Then I will say yes, the boycott has an impact.” He believes it is difficult to study the boycott trend’s impact on a weak film and says he will react when a good film will suffer.

Prakash Jha also commented on claims accusing him of hurting Hindu sentiments. In an interview with Etimes, he said, “People have been getting offended with me for years. I have now started saying along with all the fundamental rights which our constitution provides us, right to expression, we should add right to be offended. It should become a fundamental right in India, cause we get offended with everything. If a girl wears jeans we get offended. Somebody puts a tikka or reads a shloka we get offended. Aap ke pass right hai (you have a right) to be offended so don’t be afraid.”

On the work front, Prakash Jha received appreciation for Aashram 3 which was released in June. Prakash will play a titular role in his upcoming film Matto Ki Saikil. The movie is set to hit theaters on September 16.

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