Pooja Bedi Calls Vaccination Drive ‘Illogical’, Questions ‘Bizarre’ Protocols

Actor Pooja Bedi has called out the government for 'useless protocols' and also questioned the idea behind vaccinating 100% population.

At a time when the vaccination drive against Covid-19 is going at a remarkable pace in India, actor Pooja Bedi has called it ‘sinister and illogical’. The world has been battling against the pandemic for over a year now. And a complete vaccination seems to be the only hope that can bring the world to normalcy. However, Pooja Bedi has contradicting thoughts that she has shared on Twitter.

Pooja wrote, “If 99% survive covid with or without the vaccine.. the govt needs to focus on isolating, vaccinating & masking THOSE who have COMBORBITIES & are in the risk bracket. NOT VACCINATE the whole world! & certainly not discriminate against unvaccinated! It’s illogical & Sinister!”

Source: Pooja Bedi Twitter

Tagging the Prime Minister, the United Nations, and other civic bodies, she continued, “Is there a credible answer to this question? Why are 100% of the population being subjected to a vaccine when 99% survive Covid? Survival rate prior to vaccine was 99% Survival rate post vaccine is 99%.”

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She also questioned the mask mandates imposed by the government as she wrote, “It’s bizarre that u have to wear a mask in your own car with your husband beside u (but can kiss him at home without one) Even more bizarre that u get out of the car & can sit at a restaurant (without mask) with your friends & amidst strangers. Useless protocols!”

She also pointed out that how harmful can it be to wear masks on a daily basis. She tweeted, “The cloth masks majority wear are NOT effective against covid . Please research!! Even N95. Is only 95% effective. If u keep reusing your mask without washing Daily in hot detergent water it can cause more damage.. including the fungus.”

As the government and various organisations have relaxed the restrictions for those who have taken two doses of Covid vaccine, Pooja slammed the decision by saying, “How can a “Universal Pass” for two jabs be valid when they can get covid & spread covid just like unvaccinated? & especially since they now say that 2 jabs aren’t adequate (antibodies disappear) & booster shots needed..how is it ANY guarantee? It’s a bottomless pit of vaccines!”

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Her tweets have sparked a debate on Twitter. While some agreed to Pooja, others have labelled her tweets ‘senseless’.

What are your thoughts?