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Salman Arbaaz’s Gift To Fans Is First Episode Of Pinch Season 2 On Eid

The most excviting news and awaited gift for all the fans of global superstar Salman Khan is that Salman and Arbaaz's gift to fans is first episode of Pinch season 2 on Eid today.

Always known to give a treat to his fans on Eid each year, Salman Arbaaz’s gift to fans is first episode of Pinch season 2 on Eid.

This time as well, giving his fans a well deserved gift on the auspicious festival of Eid Al Azha, the global superstar Salman Arbaaz’s gift to fans is first episode of Pinch season 2 on Eid.

On the occasion of Bakri Eid today just like each year, Salman Arbaaz’s gift to fans is first episode of Pinch season 2 on Eid.

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Megastar Salman Khan is known to treat his millions of fans with a treat on Eid. On the auspicious occasion of Bakri Eid, Salman and his brother Arbaaz Khan are all set to entertain their fans with the release of the first episode of the much-awaited talk show QuickHeal Pinch Season 2 By Arbaaz Khan on QuPlay’s YouTube channel.

QuickHeal Pinch By Arbaaz Khan Season 2 is the newest addition to 2019’s super-successful chat show that targets trollers and spreads awareness about cyber-bullying by inviting celebrities as guests on the show.

While the first season gained extreme popularity, audience were waiting for the show to make a comeback with it’s second season. Well, there could have been no better way to kickstart Season 2 with Arbaaz welcoming his elder brother Salman as the guest and confronting him with some ‘Pinch’ing questions.

In the entertaining episode, Arbaaz put Salman in the spot by making him aware of his naysayers and trollers. The enigmatic Salman Khan confesses that after posting on social media, he doesn’t look at the likes and comments.

Arbaaz read some comments from his followers and Salman answered them like a pro. When a user commented, “Itne well-settled hue hai, hum apne paisa wapas manng rahe hai”, Salman replied he hasn’t robbed his money, people buy tickets to watch him act which is his profession. Salman also quickly added how he hasn’t stolen money but definitely stolen people’s hearts.

A user commented on how Salman Khan is married and has a 17 year old daughter and stays in Dubai and Salman has hidden them; Arbaaz commented that he wasn’t aware about his sister in law and Salman clarified on it being completely false.

When asked about the thing on social media that pinches Salman the most he replied, “The tool of social media has become a platform for trollers. People think saying things in English will make them look cool but in reality are just making a fool of themselves.”

Salman further added how he was happy about people who have been using social media for the right things, earning money through endorsements etc but in a right way. He hopes that others too understand the actual meaning of social media and use it in a better way.

This episode will take the show to new heights and reveal a quirky, cool side of Salman Khan and you might want to watch it again. Watch QucikHeal Pinch By Arbaaz Khan Season 2 from 21st July on QuPlay’s YouTube channel for free and on Zee 5.

Source: Quplay Official Youtube Channel. The much awaited first episode of talk show Pich Season 2 by Arbaaz Khan featuring the eternal dabanngg Salman Khan is finally out now on auspicious festival of Bakri Eid.

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