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Pictures Of Kanika Kapoor With Prince Charles Go VIRAL

Pictures of Kanika Kapoor and Prince Charles are going viral on social media. Both of them have been tested positive for COVID-19.

Pictures of Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor with Prince Charles are going viral on social media. Both of them were tested positive for coronavirus recently and the netizens have been smart enough to dig into their pictures together from an event. Kanika Kapoor returned from UK earlier this month, and it made people believe that the two personalities might have met recently and Prince Charles may have contracted virus from her or vice versa. The twitter is filled with question, “Who gave it to who?”

But turns out these are old pictures. The pictures are from the Elephant Family charity ‘Travels to my Elephants’ — hosted by Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in 2015.

On Wednesday, the Buckingham Palace released a statement saying Prince Charles of Britain, the eldest son and heir to Queen Elizabeth II, is showing symptoms of the COVID-19  but “otherwise remains in good health”. The 71-year-old Prince Charles is currently in self-isolation in Scotland. 

On the other hand, Kanika Kapoor has been tested positive for COVID-19 for the third time now. The treatment will continue until she tests negative for at least two times. 

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