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People Demand A Vaccine Against Kangana Ranaut

People on Twitter are demanding a vaccine against Kangana Ranaut.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for speaking everything that comes to her mind. She expresses her opinions from anything to everything. While some love her for speaking up, others hate her for being abusive, intolerant and narcissist. 

Recently, Kangana declared herself a ‘queen’, in response to a tweet by former Rajasthan DGP Harish Chandra Meena questioning her credentials to comment on the farmers’ protest. Kangana wrote, “My credentials …. ha ha I truly believe I am an average human being but among so many fools here on social media I am the best person to lead … so bow down to your Queen.”

People lost all their calm after reading this tweet of Kangana. A user wrote, “Who’s making a vaccine to protect us from Kangana Ranaut?”

And this tweet went viral in no time.

Another user wrote, “She is more powerful virus than Corona and there is NO vaccine created till date on her.”

Singer Sona Mohapatra also took a dig at Kangana by writing, “Tu Kaun, Mai Icon.”

Someone even suggested a vaccine, “Ignorance is the biggest Vaccine. If We start ignoring her then she would be short of her oxygen. Giving attraction is making her coming back again.”

On the contrary, Kangana remained unaffected with such tweets. 

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