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Payal Ghosh’s Interview On Her Music Video Love Jihad

Watch Payal Ghosh's interview on her latest music video on Love Jihad.

Payal Ghosh has recently starred in a music video titled ‘Love Jihad 2: Mizaaj’. It depicts the story of a Hindu woman who falls in love with a man and marries her. After marriage, she finds out that his Muslim and he hid his identity for a long time. She is then forced to convert into Islam by her husband and in-laws by harassing her.

In a recent interview, Payal Ghosh said that she wanted to create awareness about Love Johad where fraudelent men marry a Hindu girls.

Addessing the criticism she is receiving for the video, she said, “I am not against any community. All communities have good and bad people. This music video depicts a certain section of society who do the fraud.

Payal says that the viewers are finding the video relatable and she is receiving congratulatory wishes for her good work.

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