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Payal Ghosh Openly Talks About Ongoing Farmers’ Protest

Payal Ghosh has expressed her opinion over the ongoing farmers' protest against the new farm bills.

The farmers of Punjab are standing strong against the new farm bills for about three months now. They have received support and criticism at the same time. Even the Bollywood is divided on the issue.

Actress Payal Ghosh expressed her opinion in a recent interview. She said, “THe current situation of the farmers of our country is quite saddening. Every other day, we read about the suicides committed by the farmers due to poverty. If you see, the farmers of Punjab and Haryana are still in a good conditiom. If you see the farmers of the other states, like West Bengal, they don’t even get two square meals a day. So, what’s wrong in trying this new law? The farmers are not happy as of now. So, we should welcome this change. If it doesn’t work out, it can again be amended or taken back.”

She futher added, “It feels sad to see the farmers sitting on roads and protesting. So many of them have died. They are suffering. And for what? Just for certain political motives? Some powers are manipulating them which is extremely wrong.”

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