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“Flop Films Are Just Bad Decisions”: Parineeti Chopra Reflects Upon Her Past Career Mistakes

On being one on one in her recent interview, Parineeti admits how she had made some irreversible mistakes in her acting career to chase money.

After her grand debut in the 2012 “Ishqzaade”, critics and audiences were all praises for Parineeti. The actress had indeed made a grand entry into Bollywood and at some point, it seemed as if there wasn’t any looking back for her. But things went south for the actress after landing into many flops back to back. Parineeti has now realized the blunders she has made in her acting career, one of which the actress admits is of exploiting her position.

Parineeti shares how she believed that her fans would accept her even if she acted in a mediocre film, on the basis of her position in the industry. Sharing how some people from the industry spoiled it for her, giving her regressive and unsolicited advice that the actress fell for.

“You need to just be sexy, you need to do songs in films, you need to just romance the hero and you need to learn how to be a heroine” recalls Parineeti as one of the pieces of advice that she received.

She further admits how this advice made her run for ‘money’ instead of choosing films on her own terms. She certainly finds some of her projects ‘cringeworthy’ but perhaps doesn’t regret doing them.

“I became complacent and a little less focused. That’s why this happened. That’s why I was saying okay to mediocrity. I was never overconfident. When you have five flop films, people say she has gone mad. But they’re actually just five bad decisions,” she added. However, the actress is relieved that these mistakes did not take too much of a toll on her acting career as she stopped adhering to this advice right when she had the time to undo it.

Her 2021 biopic “Saina”, which was released in theatres didn’t seem to leave a positive mark on the audiences, neither commercially nor critically.

Despite her low phase, Parineeti shares how grateful she is for all her directors and fans, who still support her and haven’t given up on her. She further refrained from commenting anything about her 2023 project “Animal” alongside Ranbir Kapoor.

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