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Parineeti Chopra On How ‘The Girl In The Train’ Has Changed Her

Actor Parineeti Chopra feels that she has changed after shooting for her film 'The Girl On The Train'. Watch her interview!

Parineeti Chopra is eagerly waiting for the release of her film ‘The Girl On The Train. It is the remake of a Hollywood film with the same name. It is a psychological thriller film and Parineeti will be seen in a totally different avatar. The actress is thrilled to play a unique character in this film which is very different from the roles she has done in the past.

She feels that she will now be seen as a more versatile actor. Meanwhile, she also said that working on this film has changed her as a person.

During a recent media interaction, Parineeti said, I feel that this film has changed me as a person and as an actor. I was always a geeky academic kind of girl who liked to secure top position in school, who liked to actively ask questions from teachers. And as you know that I was a banker before becoming an actor. So, while working on this film, I got a chance to relive that process again while filming ‘The Girl On The Train’. I never felt like I was a heroine and I can shoot for like 4 hours a day and then head home. Instead, no mediocre take was not okay. I was scolded by the director when I would not do things right, I would be appreaciated on good performance. After doing this film, I realised that yes, this is how I wanted to work and on such kinds of films I want to work on.”

She further added, “My choices from here on will be very different. And the process has already started. I have already shot ‘Saina Nehwal’. And now, I will begin shooting ‘Animal’. So my process has already chaged, the way I choose scripts, the way I read them. I have started working harder than before. I am more excited about work than before. I wish this film came sooner into my life.”

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