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Palak Tiwari Finally Reveals Why She Hid Her Face On Her Date With Ibrahim Ali Khan!

The 'bijlee' fame Palak Tiwari was papped with Saif Ali Khan's son Ibrahim Ali Khan, leaving an eatery as she hid her face from the media. Here's why she did it!

When popular TV actress Shweta Tiwari’s gorgeous daughter Palak, who was last seen in the super hit song ‘Bijlee’, was seen with Saif’s son Ibrahim Ali Khan leaving an eatery a few months back, fans declared that the two were indeed, on a date and were probably seeing each other. The video went viral within the blink of an eye, where a shy Palak was seen hiding her face from the media and their flashing lights as she was spotted with Ibrahim. Even after the two got inside the car, Palak made it a point to just hide her face, as Ibrahim sat next to here, just smiling at the cameras. Since then, fans have been curious to know the reason behind Palak’s move, as they wondered why she did what she did, instead of casually posing for the cameras.

While Ibrahim himself didn’t state anything, a source close to the 19 year old had revealed how the two were not dating, and were just hanging out, as friends. However, he also stated how Palak’s decision of hiding her face didn’t go down very well with Ibrahim, as he found it ‘Childish’. But now, the bijlee girl has herself revealed why she hid her face. During a latest interview, upon being asked about it, Palak said how she did it because of her mother, Shweta Tiwari.

She said, “That night I had told her one hour back that I have left for home. I was in Bandra. I was like ‘mummy there’s so much traffic. I am on my way home’ and she was like ‘fine.’ Then these pictures come out. And the second the paps came I was like ‘my mom will see me,’ and the second she sent me that picture and said ‘you liar.’ I am like I’m sorry.’ I had hidden my face from Shweta Tiwari, not anyone else.”

She also confirmed, how the duo wasn’t on a date all by themself, and that they were also accompanied by other friends. Palak had to assure them again that she not dating him but calls Ibrahim a’ very nice guy.’ Earlier she had shared how she never considers herself a star kid.

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“Frankly, I don’t consider myself a star kid. My mother is a very established actress but in a very different industry altogether. I would have had these benefits I feel in television. I still have the benefits. I have much more recognition now in this stage of my career, I wouldn’t have it if I wasn’t for her daughter. However, I think at the end of the day it’s your work that speaks. You may get one film, two or three films based on your contacts but then 5 or 6 films they have to look out at their financial situations. Only because of your capability, work and likability, one can sustain longer in the industry. “

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