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Pahlaj Nihalani REACTS After Close Friend David Dhawan Doesn’t Invite Him To Son’s Wedding

David Dhawan has not invited close friend and associate Pahlaj Nihalani to his son Varun Dhawan's wedding.

Producer Pahlaj Nihalani and director David Dhawan have been close friends and associates for over 40 years. They have collaborated on several blockbusters in the past including Shola Aur Shabnam and Aankhen. It would have been obvious if Pahlaj was on the top of the invite list for David’s son Varun Dhawan’s marriage.

However, turns out that Pahlaj Nihalani hasn’t received any invitation for Varun’s wedding festivities. In a recent interview, he said, “I’ve received no invitation. I haven’t even been told about the wedding. I’m only hearing about it from others and in the press.”

But the good thing is that Pahlaj isn’t holding any grudges against David Dhawan. With a practical mindset, he said, “I wasn’t expecting any invitation. Why should I be invited? I haven’t worked with David for a long time. In this industry you are only connected as long as you work together.”

He further said that he wasn’t invited to David Dhawan’s elder son Rohit’s wedding either and that there was just one phone call from their family a day before the wedding.

Well, even if Pahlaj is invited at the last moment, he says he will not be attending the function but his best wishes are with the couple.

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