Orry Aka Orhan Awatramani Gets Brutally Trolled After Talking About His Hard Work; That’s Sonam And Ananya With A Beard

Orry aka Orhan Awatramani Gets brutally troll after talking about his Hard work; I really respect ananya pandey after watching this

From Janhvi Kapoor to Sara Ali Khan and Nysa Devgn, Orry, aka Orhan Awatramani, is often spotted hanging out with different Bollywood celebrities. Netizens always wonder who she is as she has been spotted at events and parties with many celebs. And now he has a good name in the media too, just because of his daily spot with celebs. As we said, social media is eager to know who he is, and Orry has already talked about himself and his hard work. And after this, you will definitely be forced to laugh, and the real meaning of hard work will also be understood.

An interview video of Orry is currently going viral, where he is answering questions about what he does for a living. In the video, the interviewer asks him, “The nation wants to know what Orry does.” He answered, I am working very hard. Then he was asked, “Like a proper nine five boy?” He said, “No, I meant I am working on myself, like I am going to the gym, I go to Anti-Gravity; I go to the CCI gym. I am doing a lot of self reflection, sometimes I’ll do yoga, sometimes I’ll get a massage, As a lot of you know, I am working on myself. 

Well, the answer from Orry has left the internet in splits. One user wrote, ” Lekin bhai tu karta kiya hai? Tereko kis baat ka relevance mil raha hai I’m not even making fun of him but I genuinely want to know ke yeh itna celebs ke saath kiyu hai.” Another user wrote, “My respect for Ananya Pandey increased 10 fold after this video.” One more wrote, 

OMG is this supposed to be like a joke? Did he not know how this turned out?

Orhan Awatramani is an Indian social activist and Bollywood socialite. Coming from a wealthy background, Orhan is friends with most of Bollywood’s Gen-Z actors and star kids, including Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Nysa Devgn, Ananya Panday, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan, and others.

With an Instagram following of 338k, Orry is not only a fashion influencer but also the Special Project Manager at the RIL Chairperson’s Office.

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