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Om Puri’s death Natural or MURDER?

So, we all know about the news that Om Puri is no more! But we wonder if the death was natural why is a postmortem being conducted?

The day today opened on a very sad note. But the day is sure going to end on a tragic and mysterious note! Om Puri is no more! While we are still trying to get over the grief, we wonder how no one noticed this big loophole in the entire death episode of the veteran actor. We all know the reason, why Om Puri died. A massive heart attack, as it was reported. But if it was a heart attack, which clearly means a natural death, then why is a postmortem being conducted? For those who don’t know, In times of natural deaths, Postmortems are only conducted in special cases or when a family of the deceased demands for it. In this case, shockingly, Om Puri’s family had demanded a postmortem. They had actually filed a complaint at the police station, and asked for police intervention to check with postmortem if it was just a natural death or was it a murder?

This makes us wonder why would the family demand for a postmortem? Why would a family have a doubt of Om Puri being murdered? Why would a family feel that someone has killed their beloved Om Puri? Well, here are the reasons:

1. A head injury was found on Om Puri

So, does this mean that it was the head injury that caused the death or was it a heart attack? Also did someone hit Om Puri, because of which he had a head injury or he simply fell down?

2. Alcohol bottles were also found near Om Puri’s body

So, is it the over-consumption of alcohol that caused the death or is it falling off in drunk state, that lead to the head injury and later to the death

These questions will remain a mystery till the postmortem report is not put out in open. Sure, we wouldn’t want the death of such a great actor remain a mystery. Would we?

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