Om Puri Birth Anniversary: 8 Interesting Facts About The Actor You Never Knew

On Om Puri's 72nd birthday anniversary, let us take a look at the top 8 unknown/lesser-known facts about the late veteran actor.

Late veteran actor Om Puri has been one of the most renowned actors in Indian cinema. The veteran has been known for his versatility and performance in the movies. After putting in blood and sweat the actor gave several remarkable performances in his career that spans to almost 45 years. However, there are still many interesting and incredible facts about the actor that remain unknown to his fans.

So without further ado let us take a look at the top 8 unknown/lesser-known facts about late veteran actor Om Puri on his 72 birthday anniversary-

  1. Om Puri Didn’t Have A Birth Certificate

Om Puri was born in a Punjabi family in Ambala, Haryana. He was bought up and raised in the same city. Meanwhile, Om Puri’s father worked in Indian railways and in the army during that time. While it is believed that the veteran didn’t have an official birth certificate. And was unsure about his exact date of birth during his childhood. Although his mother told him that he was born about two days after Dussehra. Later when he began his schooling his uncle chose 9 March as his official birth date.

2. Om Puri Worked At A Tea Stall

Om Puri is known to have worked really hard to achieve the fame that he had now. The veteran even worked at a tea stall at the age of 7 years soon after which he also started out working at a Dhaba.

3. Om Puri Was Naseeruddin Shah’s Classmate

Later at a young age, Om Puri joined the National School Of Drama to start his career in acting. During his schooling at NSD, he became friends with actor Naseeruddin Shah who was apparently his classmate. Soon after this Om Puri joined FTII where he almost got rejected for not having an aura like a hero or a villain. However, the director insisted on taking Om Puri to the institute.

4. David Dhawan Didn’t Want To Be Om Puri’s Roommate

After getting into FTII Om Puri became a roommate with David Dhawan. However, the Bollywood filmmaker David Dhawan insisted on changing his room as he found Om Puri completely “humorless”.

5. Om Puri Saved Naseeruddin Shah From Getting Stabbed

While shooting for the film Bhoomika in 1977, Naseeruddin Shah was having dinner with Om Puri at a restaurant when his friend Jaspal entered the restaurant and tried to stab Shah. However, the attack was dodged by Om Puri. Mentioning the incident in his book Naseeruddin Shah wrote, “After a while, I was reminded of his presence by what felt like a short sharp punch in the middle of my back. I started to rise, wearily preparing myself for another free-for-all. Before I could move, Om with a strangled cry lunged at something behind me. I turned to see Jaspal holding a small knife, its point dripping blood, his hand raised to strike again, and Om and two others grappling to subdue him.”

6. Om Puri Has NO Relationship With Amrish Puri

There have been rumors that both Amrish Puri and Om Puri were relatives or even brothers. However, both the veteran actors’ share absolutely no link with each other.

7. Om Puri Was Accused Of Domestic Violence

The late actor had a pretty bad experience when it come to married life. The veteran was firstly married to Annu Kapoor’s sister Seema Kapoor however their marriage survived for only 8 months. Later he married journalist Nandita Puri who later accused Om Puri of domestic violence. They both later decided to get a legal separation.

8. Om Puri Had S*x With His Maid

In his biography, Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri, Om Puri’s ex-wife Nandita revealed that he once had s*x with a 55-year-old maid at the age of mere 14 years. The revelation caused a huge controversy leaving everyone shocked. While Om Puri also reacted to the revelation and said “You tell me, was it the fault of a 14-year-old child or that of a 55-year-old woman?”

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