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Ajay Devgn’s Daughter Nysa Gets Brutally Trolled Again For This Reason

In a recent video of Nysa Devgn that surfaced on the internet, netizens accused her of undergoing fair treatment.

Apart from enjoying the countless perks of being Star kids, they are often a topic of unwanted discussion on the internet. Right from the parties, they attend to the friends they make, to their career choices, they always get judged for absurd reasons. While what people say on the internet is inevitable, some are just baseless and make one wonder if they even make sense at all! The recent incident of Nysa Devgn is the one that best fits this example.

She was seen exiting a venue here in Mumbai while her look is what fetched a lot of attention. While some really liked her simple yet elegant look, others found a fault in her appearance. Many found a difference in the way she looks, especially her skin tone. The Quickly eyed netizens found a change in her skin color. Nysa was seen with a friend in the short clip that’s been surfacing on the internet and one can find her wearing a short white dress with minimalist makeup and accessories that gave her a chic look.

The opinionated netizens took to the internet to share their views rather than pass judgments. Some even blamed her for undergoing cosmetic procedures to attain a fairer skin color.

“Glutathione lage ke skin color change kara liya hai”, a netizen wrote. While others wondered how her skin color has changed completely.

“Skin whitening done”, another comment read. An Instagram user further wrote, “Ye itni gori kaise ho gai” A comment also read, “Inhone bhi fairness treatment kara liya”

For the unversed, Nysa has already been host to such distasteful comments in the past too for the same senseless reason. This one time when she had stepped out with her mother Kajol for a Diwali celebration, she was trolled for putting on a lot of makeup. “Looks like plastic. Ban her when we are banning plastic.” One user wrote.

One user wrote, “Ye bollywood k bachhe achank gore kaise hote jate hai.” Some even called her another product of nepotism, and wrote, “Like ma, like daughter… Whatever, a Bollywood nepo product on its way.”

To put this on records, Ajay Devgn had once warned paparazzi to not involve his kids in such situations. To quote his own words he had said, “Judge me but don’t judge my kids.”

From visiting a salon after her grandmother’s demise to being trolled for her appearance, we just wish these distasteful comments don’t take a toll on the young girl’s life and hope the trollers mind their lives instead of targeting people unnecessarily.

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