Not UPSC, But SK Sir Of TVF Aspirants Wanted To Join NDA

Did you know that SK Sir of TVF Aspirants wanted to join NDA in real life? Read his interview.

Actor and RJ Abhilash Thapliyal is winning hearts these days with his performance in latest mini-series ‘TVF Aspirants’. Abhilash plays the character of SK, who is an UPSC aspirant.

But did you know that Abhilash wanted to join National Defense Academy (NDA) to serve the nation as a soldier?

In an exclusive interview with Lehren, Abhilash told that he wanted to join the Indian Army. He said, “I wanted to join NDA. Because when you grow up in an army background, the only thing you can see is Army. So, I wanted to join the Indian Army. But my form got rejected. And therefore, I couldn’t join the army. And then, my self-confidence hit the ground.”

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“But then, you get over things. I accepted my failure. And then Radio happened in my life. So, I told myself, ‘This is also nice. I am enjoying it. I am getting paid to talk and play music. What else can I ask for’,” he further added.

On being asked about his childhood as an army brat, he said, “My parents were not strict. We were self-disciplined kids. There was no pressure related to studies. By default, we were good kids.”

“But when you are a Fauji kid, you have to move to a new place. That taught me a lot. I used to make new friends every three years. So, you have to change yourself. Every city has its own culture. So you have to adapt accordingly,” he further added.

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Abhilash started his career as a Radio Jockey in Delhi. He then moved to Mumbai to try his luck in acting. Currently, he works as an actor and RJ simultaneously.

Watch his Interview here: