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“Nobody Can Buy My Review,” Says KRK On Blackmailing Accusation

After being accused of blackmailing filmmakers in return for positive film reviews, KRK clarifies his stand. Read his latest tweets.

Last week, actor and businessman Rohit Choudhary accused KRK (Kamaal R Khan) of blackmailing filmmakers. He said that KRK demands Rs 25 lakh in return of a promise that he won’t post a negative review of their film.

Rohit had also shared his call recording with KRK as proof.

This clip went viral and KRK initially refused to comment on it. In his tweet, he wrote, “Now a days, Every Suwar wants publicity with my name. So I can’t react to give publicity to everybody and anybody.”

But this morning, KRK clarified his side on the leaked recording. He said, “My company has done Promotion of more than 20 films till now and I have charged a fees for that work. I am running a company, not a charity house. But I didn’t review a single film out of those 20. Film’s promotion work has nothing to do with review. Nobody can buy my Review.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “Taran adarsh is working for #Hungama media Co. n it does charge ₹20-40 lakhs per film for media net. #TOI does charge ₹50-75 lakh per film for media net. All other companies do also charge! Are they corrupt coz they charge? Every media company is there to earn, not for charity!”

KRK further added, “It’s not easy to stand against so powerful people but I am standing. They are doing their best to spoil my name and finish me but it won’t happen. Because honesty can’t get defeated.”

Targeting Rohit Choudhary in another tweet, KRK wrote, “Mujhe Uss Dilli Ke Jeb Katre, Lukkhe Ko publicity Deni Hi Nahi Hai. So I won’t reply him. You corrupt media, Lukkhas keep calling him actor for ₹5K! This is Your Aukaat! Aaa Thoo on your face!”

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