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Nikita Tomar Case: Kangana Ranaut SLAMS Bollywood Stars

Kangana Ranaut has slammed Bollywood celebs for remaining silent on Nikita Tomar case.

Kangana Ranaut has slammed fellow Bollywood stars for remaining silent on Nikita Tomar case that has shaken the entire nation. For the unaware, a young girl named Nikita Tomar was shot dead outside her college by a man named Touseef who had been pressuring her to convert to Islam and marry him.

Kangana targeted the celebrities who raised their voice in Kathua gangrape case when the victim was a Muslim girl. The actress wrote in a tweet, “All of them should be put in jail for fake and selective activism, these filmy bimbos have caused huge damage to the cause of woman empowerment, why their mouths are sealed for Nikita who has been shot dead in broad day light by a Jihadi….”

Kareena Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar, Richa Chadha, Sonam Kapoor were amongst many who had condemned the Kathua case but have remained silent now.

In another tweet, Kangana requested the government to confer Nikita with a bravery award. She added, “Nikita’s bravery is no less than Rani LaxmiBai or Padmavati, jihadi murder was obsessed with her he kept asking her to come with her if she wanted to live she could have given in to his lust she chose to die instead, Devi Nikita rose for every Hindu woman’s dignity and pride.”

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