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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Netizens Wrote #ChupKarKangana After She Slammed India On Twitter

The bold and prolific quintessential fashionista's troubles are never ending as now yet again the Netizens wrote #ChupKarKangana after she slammed India on Twitter citing it as an intolerant country.


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In this increasingly tricky world of social media, one wrongly written tweet or made comparison by any actor is enough to get them trolled brutally on especially Instagram and Twitter but twitter most of the times. Something like this also happened when the Netizens wrote #ChupKarKangana after she slammed India on twitter.

Never known to sugar coat things and not the one to mince her words since being vocal and fearlessly bold is her original nature, Kangana wrote another tweet after the Mumbai police issued the official summons to both her and sister Rangoli Chandel for the official investigations against them after an FIR was filed against them with charges of sedition also being included in the same in which she told India is an intolerant country and after which the twitteratis, fans and especially the Netizens wrote #ChupKarKangana after she slammed India on Twitter.

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All the fans, film fanatics, twitteratis, and netizens after her recently written tweet got very pissed off and angry on Kangana since she drew very unfair and unjust comparisons between our Indian freedom fighter icons Rani Laxmibai and Veer Sawarkar and also slammed India by citing that it is an intolerant country.

In a tweet that she wrote in Hindi language, the caption was, “Just like Rani LaxmiBai’s fort was destroyed by the britishers, even my house was destroyed and ruined by the Shiv Sena, Just like Veer Sawarkar was put behind the bars for his acts of rebellion by the britishers, similar attempts are being made to throw me in the jail as well. Go and ask the intolerant gang as to how much trouble they had to live in such an intolerant country like India”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She wrote this tweet after Mumbai police send her and Rangoli official summons.

After her this tweet, everyone got tired and angry with her absurd and insulting statements which insulted our country and its freedom fighter icons and the netizens wrote #ChupKarKangana after she slammed India on twitter for unnecessarily playing her victim card and making bad comparisons too.

Kangana’s tweet came after the Mumbai police issued the official summons to both her and sister Rangoli Chandel for the official investigations against them after an FIR was filed against them with charges of sedition.

Also a renowned Bollywood fitness trainer Sayyed had placed allegations on actress Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel by officially filing an FIR police complaint with charges of defaming, insulting and maligning the bollywood film industry’s reputation with constantly raising her voice against drugs nexus, nepotism, communal bias, favoritism, attempting and trying to create a wedge and rift between artists of different communities by slamming them as murderers along with insulting the religions on social media through her tweets.

He also charged her with claims of conspiring and articulating a Hindu Muslim divide through the defamatory and highly objectionable comments citing Rangoli’s “make the mullas and secular media stand in line and shoot them down; the history may call us Nazis, who cares” caption statement.

Sayyed’s lawyer Ravish Zamindar was quoted telling the leading Indian digital news wire agency that, “Among the charges include Indian Penal Code Sec. 124-A (sedition)…besides spreading communal hatred and falsehoods. The police have also recorded the statement of the complainant, Munawwarali Sahil A. Sayyed today in this connection”.

As of now, the update is that both Kangana and Rangoli have been told to come to the Bandra police station between 26th and 27th October 2020 which is exactly five days later that the Bandra metropolitan magistrate J.Y. Ghule gave heed to Sayyed’s complaint and gave an instruction of an official FIR to be lodged against both the sisters last Saturday.

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