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Netizens Troll Saif And Kareena For Naming Second Son Jeh

People are trolling Saif and Kareena for naming their second son 'Jeh'.

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan received heavy backlash when they named their first child Taimur. But when the couple welcomed their second child earlier this year, they decided to keep him away from public glare. Neither have they brought him in front of media nor have spoken about him. It was when the baby turned five months old, Randhir Kapoor told the media that Kareena Kapoor’s second son has been named Jeh.

According to many baby sites, Jeh is a Latin word that means ‘Blue crested bird’. In Parsi, it means ‘To come, to bring’. However, people on the internet have made their speculations and have started trolling the couple for naming the kid Jeh.

A person wrote, “Jehlalludin is the the full name”

Another person wrote on the internet, “Saif and Kareena announced their second baby name as “Jeh” as per my opinion it’s short of “JEHAAD”

“I’m 101% sure Saif and Kareena wanted to name their second kid Jehangir but didn’t want backlash they faced for Taimur so just shortened it to Jeh,” read another tweet.

Well, these are a few nasty comments people are writing down on social media.

However, neither Kareena nor Saif have spoken anything about the baby’s name yet.

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