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Neha’s Hashtag #RohuPreet In Her Caption Confused The Fans

Iconic singer of B Town Neha Kakkar recently made a huge spelling error in her post where her hashtag #RohuPreet confused the fans.

Also we see this thing many a times where while on social media especially instagram a single wrong spelling or typing error creates a lot of confusion and chaos amongst your friends and if you are a very globally renowned actor or singer then it is counted as a huge blunder and same thing happened today with this iconic singer where Neha’s hashtag #RohuPreet in her caption confused the fans.

It is a very rare thing and once in a while kind of situation that something like this happens on social media like instagram where a single wrong spelling in the caption is like end game for everyone but surprisingly this incident took place today with the bubbly singer where Neha’s hashtag #RohuPreet in her caption confused the fans.

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Originally just by mistake, she posted a wrong caption in her instagram post and that wrong caption created an atmosphere of chaos for her fans who are also known as #Nehearts and then on realizing her fault she corrected it immediately.

The most versatile singer of Bollywood Neha Kakkar had created a blunder with her wrongly spelled hashtag titled #RohuPreet within a recently shared instagram post of hers which created a huge climate of chaos all over on the social media where even her #Nehearts got confused and puzzled as to what is the caption all about.

Later upon realizing her mistake and the seriousness of the situation, she amended it by sharing a story on her Instagram where she clarified and explained her fans about the wrongly spelled caption and once again reaffirmed the fact that Neha and RohanPreet together are #NehuPreet and that Rohan Preet Singh is her beau.

Recently Neha had shared the official music video poster of her next upcoming song with beau Rohan Preet Singh on her Instagram account. She had captioned the post as, “#NehuDaVyah by #NehaKakkar featuring My Rohu @rohanpreetsingh 21st October #RohuPreet”.

The singer had given the official announcement for their new upcoming music video which is titled #NehuDaVyah and shared the caption as #RohuPreet.

As the viewers, the netizens and her fans later started getting puzzled up and confused about the same, she then went on her instagram story and wrote a note thereby clarifying the entire chaotic confusion about the same where her story caption read, “Rohanpreet and Nehu together are #NehuPreet But I have Rohu in my mind all the time because of which I had written RohuPreet in my caption. Just now I corrected it! So all My NeHeart and Rohu’s Fans.. WE’RE TOGETHER #NEHUPREET”.

Also on the music video picture post shared by Neha, we can see her in baby pink and golden embroidered lehenga sitting very comfortably with her beau Rohan Preet Singh who is seen wearing a white kurta and yellow turban. Her corrected caption now reads as, “#NehuDaVyah by #NehaKakkar featuring My Rohu @rohanpreetsingh 21st October #NehuPreet”.

Source: Neha Kakkar Instagram. She shared this music video poster image on her Instagram titled #NehuDaVyah.

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