Neha Tony And Honey’s Kanta Laga Brings On A Dance Fever

For fans who had been piqued by the teaser and poster of the biggest collab of year, Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar and Honey Singh's Kanta Laga is finally out now for all music aficionados.

Best known as a dynamic and homegrown indian music label who has worked with some of the biggest bollywood stars in recent times and whose each song is unique and different from each other along with being a national chartbuster which tops all music charts on all leading music apps globally as well, its amazing that the three biggest stars which Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar and Yo Yo Honey Singh have been brought together once again by Desi Music Factory and yes, Neha Tony and Honey’s Kanta Laga brings on a dance fever.

After teasing all the fans on social media with the posters and video teaser of the biggest collab of the year, Neha Tony and Honey’s Kanta Laga brings on a dance fever.

Its an exciting news scoop of the day here that Neha Tony and Honey’s Kanta Laga brings on a dance fever.

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Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar & Yo Yo Honey Singh joined forces for the biggest music collaboration which is Kanta Laga under India’s very own music label, Desi Music Factory.

The three hitmakers teamed up to bring music buffs a party anthem that is sure to reign over the dance floor. The foot-tapping song has now hit the music scene with a bang.

The ultimate party song of the year, Kanta Laga has the Midas touch of Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar and Yo Yo Honey Singh. The music label earlier dropped the teaser of the song, which stirred excitement among listeners and trended over social media. Living up to its buzz, Kanta Laga is a track that will certainly get an encore at parties.

With its music video directed by Mihir Gulati, Kanta Laga has music and lyrics by Tony Kakkar, and has been performed by Neha Kakkar and Yo Yo Honey Singh. The three artists have a long history of delivering hits and with Kanta Laga, they fuse their music varied music style and aesthetics.

Neha Kakkar, “I’ve sung with Tony and Yo Yo Honey Singh earlier. It was a lot fun to get together for Kanta Laga. Singing for it with these two artists was a party itself and now that it’s out we invite you all to come party with us”.

Tony Kakkar says, “We’re happy to bring Kanta Laga, a happening party number. We wish that the song to become a reminder of good times for the listeners”.

Yo Yo Honey Singh says, “This is the collaboration that I was very excited about and I’m glad that it’s out now. May the party continue and I hope through Kanta the listeners have something they can enjoy”.

Anshul Garg, President and Managing Director of Desi Music Factory says, “It is heartwarming to have listeners wait for Kanta Laga eagerly. We dedicate this song to all the fans of Neha, Tony and Honey across the world. Putting this song together was an exciting experience for the entire team and we’re happy to be able to share our labour of love with the listeners”.

Presented by Anshul Garg at Desi Music Factory, Kanta Laga is now available on all streaming platforms.

Source: Desi Music Factory Official Youtube Channel. The much anticipated song Kanta Laga is finally out now which has been loved by all fans and audiences as well.

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