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Neha Farah Roast Content Creators, Say Creativity Gayi Tel Lene

Being fearlessly bold and honest true to their real self and style, the dynamic duo of Neha Dhupia and Farah Khan roast content creators, say creativity gayi tel lene in their insta video posts.

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia is one of fearless and bold starlets in B town who doesn’t like mincing her words and in her real style a few days back itself, both Neha Farah roast content creators, say creativity gayi tel lene.

Taking to their social media handles, the dynamic duo of Neha Farah roast content creators, say creativity gayi tel lene.

It so happened that Singh Is Kinng (2008) fame film star Neha posted a video directly lashing out at all the digital content creators and publically called them all out over the content quality and in a few hours this video went viral. Post this video, the noted film maker Farah Khan also posted another similar video yet again slamming the digital content creators for no originality in their content and it can safe to say that single handedly, Neha Farah roast content creators, say creativity gayi tel lene.

Surely, we can easily say that in an industry where film remakes, reboots, sequels and remixes of iconic hit bollywood songs and also illegally copying the posters of the films from other film industries is considered original, the Bollywood after keeping mum on so many important issues waking up from their long slumber has spoken up and netizens did see how Neha Farah roast content creators, say creativity gayi tel lene.

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Neha posted this video on her Instagram handle and making a hard hitting statement with her caption she wrote, “Content Is Dead”. Reacting to Neha’s video post, even the iconic choreographer / film maker Farah Khan ended up posting a video on her insta handle wherein she totally agreed with whatever Neha said and told all the content creators to defend themselves by making something totally original and not redundant also asking them all to prove their talent and merits.

Sharing the video on her account, Neha wrote, “Seriously guys? What’s up with content creation these days!? Don’t call yourself Creators if you aren’t original! #ContentIsDead”. In the video, we see her performing on the Don’t Rush song and also asked the creators to create something totally new and original. She questioning them, told, “Matlab kuch bhi karoge?”.

Source: Neha Dhupia Instagram. She roasted digital content creators on instagram for their redundant and same content.

Then in a few hours, we saw how the film maker Farah Khan reacting to Neha’s video said, “Yaar, Neha sahi bol rahi hai. Kuch originality rahi hi nahi hai.” She added, “Sab chep ke, copy paste ho raha hai. Talent toh tel lagane gaya hai. Main pakk chuki hun”. Dropping the video post on her instagram account, Farah’s caption read, “@nehadhupia ne apne video se tod fod macha diya hai! Cut the crap guys, kuch naya karo! Prove it with talent, trends ke piche piche mat bhaago yaar! #SpeakUpCreators”.

Source: Farah Khan Kunder Instagram. she also roasted the content creators for no originality in their content.

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