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Neha Dhupia Talk About Difficult Times During Pregnancy 

Neha Dhupia opened up about how she was rejected from projects after pregnancy

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia who became miss India in 2002 instantly entered the movies. She is one of the finest actresses in the industry proving herself on the screen. She never missed a chance to win hearts even now when she shot her last movie A Thursday during pregnancy. After she entered her new phase of life where she is a mother of two cute kids, she has been through a lot of trolls for her figure post-pregnancy.

Neha Dhupia who is now a mother of two munchkins has been calm and never paid any kind of attention to trolls and people. Recently when talking about it, for the first time she opened up about rejections and problems she went through post-pregnancy and how people asked her to step down from projects.

Recently in an interview, she told that she would get projects but suddenly out of nowhere they would say they are shooting out of the country. Later she got to know that they are shooting at the same place without her. So it was difficult for her at times to deal with the rejections but eventually, she chose to move on.

She said, “I have had situations where I have been confirmed for projects and suddenly I get to know that we’re going to South Africa, or wherever else in the world, and later on you get to know, the whole unit is there and you’re not shooting for it. I have had rejection at that level. I know I have been replaced without somebody even calling me and telling me.”

The actress added: “Up to now, where I have been asked to step down from projects due to pregnancy. They said my look would be different. So you face rejection at all levels. Picking yourself up each time is hard.”

Neha Dhupia got married in 2018 to Angad Bedi and has two babies now. The first child was a baby girl and the second was a baby boy. Recently after having a baby boy, Neha was about to attend a friend’s wedding and wanted to carry fancy clothes but all the best designers who were Neha’s good friends refused to design her clothes, they turned her down but again there are double standards everywhere.

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