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Neha Dhupia Shares Breastfeeding Picture And Shuts Down Trollers

Neha Dhupia shares an important message by sharing her breastfeeding picture.

Actor Neha Dhupia has shared a picture of herself breastfeeding her daughter Mehr in order to raise an important awareness message and shutting down the trolls. Seeing how people sexualize breastfeeding, Neha shared her picture telling that it is normal.

Neha said, “A mother has her choice of how and where she chooses to feed or breastfeed her child. However, time and time again we see people looking at breastfeeding mothers in a sexual manner. 

She also shared the screenshot of how an ignorant man was asking to share a breastfeeding video. As a reply to this comment, Neha said, “This insensitive comment is an example of why it
makes it awkward for moms in our country. They must be called out. … let’s normalise breast feeding not sexualize it.”

Neha embraced motherhood in 2018. She and her husband Angad Bedi welcomed a baby girl and named her Mehr.

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