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Neha Dhupia On Being ‘Body-Shamed’ By Friends From Industry

Neha Dhupia recalled in a recent interview, how her friends from the industry, body-shamed her for gaining weight post-pregnancy. Read to know more!

Neha Dhupia is undoubtedly among few the stars from Bollywood, known for being unapologetically straightforward and speaking her heart out. The actress had made a place in the industry on her own, owing to her hard work and skills and has been a part of the industry for nearly 2 decades. Neha, the mother of 2, recently shared her experience of dealing with depression related to postpartum, and how she has been coping with it.

She also shared how many people from the industry, who were very close to her, cut ties with her in the most bizarre ways. She recalled how to post her delivery, when she had put on some weight, many A-list designers from the industry, who are also her friends and had arranged for her costumes many times, refused to provide her with clothes.

In the same interview, Neha shared how she went through post-partum depression, which almost lasted for 8 months. Addressing the double standards that exist in the industry, she shared how her designer friends refused to provide her with fancy clothes, as she had gained weight.

Neha said, “I had so many designers who were so nice and they were making clothes for me. Soon after I gave birth, I went to a friend’s wedding and I wanted to wear fancy clothes and I wasn’t fitting into anything.” She further added, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this information, but I had so many A list designers who I had thought were friends of mine who just turned me down saying, ‘listen we have nothing for you.’ The double standards exist everywhere.”

“But I’m okay man, it’s a part of the game. If that’s how they want to treat people, that’s how they want to do it, it’s fine. But I’m just saying, I’m not the first person it’s happening to and I’m not the last person it will happen to. But don’t let these things affect you,” Neha Dhupia said.

Recently, the actress was lauded for her professionalism by fans for being on her toes and shooting despite being heavily pregnant. “It’s not the same, I’m going, to be honest. You see so many changes in your body, it’s very visible to others and you’re not the same person they think you are. I’m still in the process of getting back into shape.” she said.

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“I went through so much bullying when I’d put on weight for my pregnancy, not so much right now. And then they’re the same people who message saying, ‘Oh you’ve lost weight …’ but what are you talking about? Here’s a woman who’s going through postpartum, dealing with sleep deprivation…” she said addressing the mean comment new mothers usually face.

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