Nawazuddin’s Wife Aaliya Supports His Niece After She Accuses Actor’s Brother Of Sexual Harassment

Reports state that Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s niece has lodged a complaint against his younger brother, accusing him of sexual harassment. Read below to know more.

Post Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife, Aaliya, filed a divorce case against the actor, the latter’s niece has now claimed to have been sexually harassed when she was a child by his brother. Just after a revelation from the niece, Aaliya has come out to support her. She took to her Twitter handle to express the sense of solidarity with the niece, Aaliya Siddiqui wrote, “This is just the beginning. Thanking God for sending so much support already. Lot will be revealed, shocking the world as I am not the only one who suffered in silence. Let’s see how much of TRUTH money can buy & who all would they continue to BRIBE.”

Reports claim that Nawazuddin’s niece has lodged a complaint against the actor’s brother accusing him of sexual harassment. She claimed that she was inappropriately touched and was also subjected to violence as a child by the actor’s brother.

However, she said that she told Nawaz about the abuse, but he refused to believe her and said that he is your uncle and he would never do that to you. She also claimed that the actor and her father have filed ‘false cases’ to her in-laws.

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The niece also has mentioned that she has all the necessary evidence against the violence she has experienced over the years. She said that her husband is fully supporting her in this matter.

While breaking her silence on the issue, the niece said that she was two years old when her parents called it quits, later his stepmother also tortured him.

Well, with Aaliya Siddiqui coming out in support of the niece doesn’t come as a surprise, because even she had previously revealed that she has faced emotional and physical torture from Nawaz’s family. And also this is one of the main reason that she filed for a divorce against the actor.

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