Nawazuddin Siddiqui Turns Farmer In His Village

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has turned to farming these days. After the spread of coronavirus, Nawazuddin went to his village in Uttar Pradesh to be with his family. In order to be productive, he is spending time at his farm. He shared a video in which he was seen wearing simple clothes and pagdi as he washed his hands and feet in the fields. He then picks his axe and walks away. While talking about spending his time in the village, the actor said in an interview, “I find my nirvana here. Most people go to ashrams or retreats to de-stress and rejuvenate themselves. But I come back to my roots, the place where I spent half my life. And when I return, I spend time in the farms, eating a stalk of sugarcane, driving a tractor and chilling with childhood friends.” He further said, “When I work in the fields at the times I visit, I’m reminded of my humble beginnings, and that there is nothing better than hard work. In Mumbai, you have to act in real life too. But somewhere, you have to be true to yourself. And this is that place for me.”