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Nasha Chad Gaya Song Out Now – Exclusive Interview With Keshav Malhotra

Watch our conversation with singer and lyricist Keshav Malhotra on his latest song 'Nasha Chad Gaya'.

Singer, composer and lyricist Keshav Malhotra has released his latest single today. Titled ‘Nasha Chad Gaya’, the song is directed by Ramji Gulati and is shot in exquisite locations of Dubai. Apart from featuring in the song, Keshav has given the vocals, penned the lyrics and composed the music to the song.

Here’s an excerpt from our conversation with Keshav Malhotra:

‘Nasha Chad Gaya’ is finally out today. How has been the response so far?

It’s literally crazy right now. In just 3 hours, it has crossed over 3 lakh views.

Are you reading the YouTube comments?

Yes, I am reading the YouTube comments. They are pretty sweet. People have written things like ‘You made my day’ and ‘I am watching the video on repeat.’

And this is the vibe that I wanted to transmit. I am happy to read the comments.

Can you tell us about the location where it is shot?

We have shot in Dubai. And as you know, Dubai is very beautiful. The way the video is choreogaphed, that makes a lot of difference. Even if you go to the best of locations and you don’t have a proper choreography, it doesn’t go in sync. So with Ramji Gulati, me and Khushi in the pair, it has turned out well.

Did you face any challenges due to the pandemic?

Yes, obviously. I have taken about 30 Covid tests in last one year. So, it is just too much for a single person. But apart from that, it is the heat in Dubai. But you have to lose something to gain something.

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How was your experience of working with Ramji Gulati?

It was amazing. He knows his way around the camera. He knows how to manage things. So, that’s really nice. It gives you confidence.

Your chemistry with Khushi Chaudhary is amazing in the music video. How did she come on board?

Khushi Chaudhary and Ramji Gulati are neighbors. That’s how we were introduced. I was working on my song with Ramji and Khushi came over. But when she heard the song, she expressed her desire to collaborate. That’s how it started.

What’s different in this song in terms of treatment?

My first song was a sweet and simple teenage romantic song. The second one was a solo heartbreak number. And this one is a total party song. It gives you beachy vibes.

Are you working on any other project as of now?

Yes, I am working on a song right now and I plan to release it on the 4th of July. The song is called ‘Kisi Se Na Kaha’.

What kind of song would that be?

That’s a romantic number. I will drop the teaser in 15 days.

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