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Nana Patekar’s unique characters from the movies

The following article contains some of the most memorable characters of Nana Patekar.

Nana Patekar is one of the top actors in the movie industry. He has gained huge recognition with his awesome acting and stage performances. He is also one of the list of most loved actors from the industry. Not just in Bollywood, but Nana has also made a mark in the Marathi film industry. The fan following of this star is huge and also spread out globally.

Not everyone can pull off every character as elegantly as Nana does and the following are some of his top and most memorable performances in the movies.

1) Ab Tak Chappan

The movie was closely related to the real-life experience of an encounter specialist officer Daya Nayak. Nana played the lead character Sadhu Agashe in this movie and his performances in this movie are among his top 3 performances.

2) Natasamrat

The Marathi feature film is based on the life story of Ganpatrao Belvalkar. Nana played the character Ganpatrao and his performance throughout the movie made all the audience emotional at various instances.

3) Welcome

Not just the serious ones, but Welcome was the movie which proved to all the millions of Nana fans that he can make us laugh out loud with his comedy genre as well. Nana was commendable in the movie Welcome.

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