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Nagma Akhtar Reacts On Kartik Aaryan’s Boycott By Dharma Productions

Actor Nagma Akhtar expresses her opinion after Dharma Production boycotts Kartik Aaryan.

There’s been a lot of buzz around actor Kartik Aaryan who was removed from the upcoming film ‘Dostana 2’. Not only was he sacked from this one film, but has also been boycotted by Dharma Productions altogether. This means that Dharma will never collaborate with Kartik Aaryan for any project. As this news came out, people immediately started to compare Kartik Aaryan with the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s situation.

However, Kartik Aaryan has chosen to remain silent on the entire controversy. He has not addressed this situation even once. During an exclusive interview, actor and model Nagma Akhtar expressed her opinion over the same.

She said, “If we talk about Nepotism, it is obvious for someone to push their child’s career. If tomorrow my children want to become an actor, I would surely help and support them. But the problem arises when people snatch away someone else’s platform. There is nothing wrong with supporting your family members. But one shouldn’t destroy someone else’s journey while giving an opportunity to their close ones. Kartik Aaryan has no godfathers. He has achieved everything on his own. The kind of attention and treatment the star kids get is very different from the ones who struggle their way. They would never understand our struggle.”

On being asked if the actors fear that they will lose work if they speak up, Nagma said, “True. Everyone is scared. In the end, everyone wants to work with good actors and well-established production houses. So, there is a fear amongst people. They are fearful that they won’t get work if they speak up. In the hope of getting an opportunity, they don’t come out to raise their voices. And that is very wrong because someone has to speak up. Someone has to be a deal breaker or a changer. If everyone stays quiet, these things would go on forever.”

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Nagma Akhtar recently launched her production house ‘Umeed Films and Entertainment’. She aims to give opportunities to every common man who has the right talent.

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