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Nafisa Spills Real Story Behind Lucky’s Viral O Sanam Clip

During a very recent interview, veteran Bollywood actress and Lucky Ali's close friend Nafisa Ali Sodhi spills real story behind Lucky's viral O Sanam clip.

Such is the power of the legendary iconic 62 years old singer’s magical voice that music lovers and youth still falls in love with him all over again and he has done it once more where Lucky Ali’s recent O Sanam performance in Goa went viral breaking the twitter and instagram totally and now in a recent interview, veteran actress Nafisa spills real story behind Lucky’s viral O Sanam clip.

People are going ga ga and showering loads of love on social media platforms over his “hmmm” in O Sanam which is the power of the mellifluous voice that Lucky Ali has and certainly the fans were in for a big treat when Lucky Ali’s impromptu and unplugged O Sanam performance video went viral on social media and throwing more light about how this performance actually came about, during a recent interview, Lucky Ali’s friend and veteran actress Nafisa spills real story behind Lucky’s viral O Sanam clip.

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Source: Nafisa Ali Sodhi Twitter. She had posted this video on her Twitter handle which went viral and took internet by storm.

In just few hours of sharing the video, Lucky Ali once again went viral on social media.

Source: Anurag Rathod Twitter. He has taken a sly dig at Badshah and rooted for Lucky Ali in his tweet.

During her recent interview, sharing the story behind the video, Nafisa spilling the beans about how the entire impromptu unplugged performance of O Sanam by Lucky Ali actually happened, said, “So, My friend Bablu told me about this lovely place and said all the young musicians come there and since Lucky is here, he asked would you like to come and listen to them. Lucky said, ‘Yeah, of course I encourage musicians so I want to be there…’. So we went there and they sang and it was a beautiful evening… When it all came to an end, they said, Sir please sing us a song and now Lucky said, ‘Nafisa, you’ve put me in a spot’. I said, ‘what did you think, you are their guru, you are the legend. If they want you to sing one song, I feel you show them how you sing.’ Then I just quickly put my camera on and recorded it”.

Source: Nafisa Ali Sodhi Instagram. she had posted this adorable picture with Lucky Ali on her Instagram handle a few weeks back.

During her interview with a leading Indian TV news channel, when asked how did Lucky react to this, Nafisa told, “He said, ‘what are you doing Nafisa!’ I said, ‘I took one snippet of you and I posted it, so I don’t know what has happened after that”.

Also, Nafisa is good friends with Lucky Ali. She likes clicking pictures and taking videos as she is a good photographer, Ali often keeps on telling her, “Oh my god, what are you doing, I’m a recluse”.

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