Mumbai Police Identifies 80,000 Fake Accounts In Sushant’s Death Case

Mumbai Police identifies 80,000 fake social media accounts in Sushant's death case.

The latest update in the late actor’s death case is that the Mumbai police identifies 80,000 fake accounts in Sushant’s death case.

The recent new developments in the ongoing death investigations of the late actor’s death are now seeing the required action where Mumbai police identifies 80,000 fake accounts in Sushant’s death case.

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Social media has played a very revolutionary and important role for making sure that every fan in the world gets to know the reality behind the sudden death that was being claimed as suicide by everyone as #JusticeForSSR was trending on Twitter and Instagram which ultimately led the Supreme court to hand over the case to the CBI for the investigation.

It was this powerful weapon of social media that explained the unconditional amount of love and support that the late actor’s family has been receiving ever since from all across the globe.

This social movement all around the world had been constantly raising the questions about the authenticity and fairness of the Mumbai police investigations where everyone didn’t keep calm and were fighting hard against the Mumbai police because they were seeing the literal proofs of evidences being tampered by them which made them very angry following which they trolled and slammed the Mumbai police on the social media and which made a huge dent on their reputation as well.

Also, it should be seen here that how they didn’t become happy till the time they didn’t get the news that the Supreme court is transferring the case to CBI and this happened which in return restored the late actor’s family and his fan’s faith in the Indian judicial system along with strengthening their hopes for quick and swift justice.

On the same issue, now its a public knowledge that an FIR has been filed against innumerous fake social media accounts for trying to defame and slander the reputation of the Mumbai Police along with the state government.

Latest news to come in now is that almost 80,000 social media accounts have been identified as fake. Such accounts are commonly known as bots.

As per statements of the Mumbai Police Commissioner, these fake accounts were used to run a campaign against them and state government.