Mrunal Thakur REVEALS ‘One’ Of The Reasons Behind ‘Jersey’s’ Failure!

After the failure of the much anticipated Shahid Kapoor film, co-star Mrunal revealed why the film underperformed! Read to know more!

Mrunal Thakur, who made her name right from the very bottom to the top now, has always been quite bold and Frank about her opinions, The actress doesn’t shy away from sharing her bold thoughts and recently opened up about the failure of her recent film starring Shahid Kapoor, Jersey. The film was highly anticipated but fans, but its like warm response at the box office only proved how there was no luck this time, for a South remake!

Talking about the same, the actress who is now gearing up for her next project with Aditya Roy Kapoor shared how she indeed, felt ‘low’ after the failure of the movie. While talking about it, she shared a few reasons why she thinks the movie didn’t quite perform, as they all expected. It was then that Mrunal shared how the movie didn’t work because of the ‘original movie’.

“It is disappointing, no doubt. But there have been many external reasons. Lekin haan, one does tend to feel low. Anyway, we will work harder next time. One more reason can be that the South version has been available on YouTube.” she said.

Despite the failure, she loved how audiences loved her work in the film and that she learned a lot working on the project. “As an actor, it has been very fulfilling. The feedback has been overwhelming. Yesterday, I was crossing the road. A guy on a cycle stopped and shouted ‘Ma’am, your film has been good'” she said.

She further shared how she would next, love to explore the genre of ‘romance’. “Yes, but I really have no idea what the janta wants. Maybe people want to watch larger-than-life content. But an actor does not choose films. It is really mysterious. Even romantic films are not being made; I would love to explain the genre of romance” she said.

Apart from receiving praises for her acting skills, the 29-year-old actress has admitted to having been a victim of body-shaming and had revealed how she was called ‘matka’ for her body. “I wrote back, but not because I wanted to hit back. I responded because I want the people who fall in my category to feel comfortable. I made an attempt to make this society a ‘chilled out’ place to live in. Do these people who comment against us work on themselves? No, they don’t” she said.

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She further added, “It’s time that we stop looking for faults in people. The same, I think, happened with ‘Jersey’ which was actually a well-made film. Such things affect people. I know of many friends who have stopped coming out of their flats when someone just told them that they have too many pimples on their faces.
I am not saying that we don’t need to work out. I am not saying that we don’t need to remain fit.” she added.

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