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Mrunal Jain: Transition From TV To Films Was Organic For Me

Best known for his roles in TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor's Bandini (Imagine TV, 2009- 2011), Uttaran (Colors TV, 2013 - 2015), ace TV producer Yash Patnaik's NagarJuna Ek Yoddha (Life OK, 2016), Bollywood actor Mrunal Jain in his recent exclusive interview with us says, transition from TV to films was organic for me.

The dapper and ace TV and now Bollywood film star Mrunal Jain has had a long illustrious career ahead of him from past so many years and has won the audiences and fans hearts with his impeccable performances in shows like Bandini (NDTV Imagine, 2009 – 2011), Hitler Didi (Zee TV, 2011 – 2012), Uttaran (Colors TV, 2013 – 2015), and was also seen in NagarJuna – Ek Yoddha (Life OK, 2016 – 2017). Then he made his Bollywood debut with Sab Kushal Mangal last year in 2020. The movie got mixed responses but Mrunal’s performance was noticed by critics and audiences. In his exclusive interview with us, film actor Mrunal Jain says transition from TV to films was organic for me.

In his latest tete a tete conversational interview with us, Bollywood actor Mrunal Jain says transition from TV to films was organic for me.

Opening up on his transitional journey from TV to films and much more in his latest interview with us, B town star Mrunal Jain says transition from TV to films was organic for me.

Best known for his strong and remarkable performances in TV industry till now, Bollywood actor Mrunal Jain says transition from TV to films was organic for me.

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Spilling the beans on his transition from TV to films, Mrunal said, “I think that transition from TV to films was really organic for me. It just happened that I was searching for TV shows and simultaneously I also started getting calls for movies. So, it just worked out in my regular routine. Work is work so I used to give my best and also do all the screen tests and my meetings regularly and that’s how it clicked which is the reason that I’d say it happened very organically for me”.

Mrunal also spoke at length about how films and TV being the mediums he has worked in so far have their own challenges. Explaining the same, he told, “I think that every medium has their own challenges. In TV, we need to submit episodes every day which have many scenes and is cut to cut so this is one challenge. In films, again there is too much of detailing, characterization and minute things to be taken care of in the film preparations. So keeping yourself focused on one schedule is a really different thing as you are habitual to doing so many scenes in a day and in movies you only do one or two scenes in a day.  So at times you just feel like, I did just one or two scenes in a day. I feel both the platforms have their own challenges and I faced the same in both”.

When asked about his path breaking career best performance till date, on this Mrunal answered, “I feel that path breaking career best performance till date has been in Uttaran which gave me the change in my career and also lifted my career upwards. Uttaran’s character really changed my career and it was definitely something which was needed in my career for that boost”.

Further, Mrunal also shared on how past year 2020 which was a total game changer for all of us, gave him the biggest takeaway and learning as a bollywood actor. Highlighting this point, Mrunal says, “The takeaway I would say that my films really got pushed ahead which was something I was definitely looking forward to. I was thinking that this would be the next game changer after Uttaran. I feel that gap has taken a bit of toss on me also. Ofcourse, 2020 has not been a good year for everybody. I feel that I was quite lucky to have my family by my side and felt too blessed. 2020 lot of people passed away. So much happened in the past year that you can’t remember one. I feel that for me as an actor, 2020 was a game changer as a person also in my life because it taught me that you can’t just keep running after many things and things have to happen at their own right time”.

Furthermore, spilling up on the entire back story of how the role of lead antagonist in Rohit Shetty’s actioner masala film Sooryavanshi happened to him, Mrunal said, “It all happened from the time of my previous film Sab Kushal Mangal which I was shooting with Nitin Manmohan ji. From there, my casting director Bhavana Mishra who casted me in that film, called me after 6 months and said, ‘there is one more role and I would really want you to be a part of this film’. So that’s how everything happened and then she told me it’s a Rohit Shetty film, I could not believe myself that I was going to be working in a Rohit Shetty film. I got a call in the night at around 12 from the first AD of Rohit sir. She told me that this is the role and we would want to test you for it. They sent me the script and I did my part. They liked me and signed me for the film. Immediately after five days I was shooting. So that is something which really surprised me. I say that always just trust in God’s timing, if he has some plans, then he has them for you”.

Mrunal sharing about his entire experience of shooting under the direction of ace and noted film maker Rohit Shetty in the big multi starrer actioner masala film Sooryavanshi with biggest B town stars like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh says, “It’s a dream come true I feel. Being on the set and acting in front of the camera where behind the lens you know that one of the best directors in Bollywood cinema is there. It was a wish list that I wanted to work with Rohit sir and this is what I felt. Being on the sets of a massive Rohit Shetty film. Why is it called a Rohit Shetty film, is you coming to know when you are actually on the set. Such a big crew, so many juniors, such a big cast and getting everyone together, the atmosphere of the set, everything was so friendly. When you are on the set, you are never made realize that you’re a new comer on the sets. You just feel like you are a part of this film and every second you feel like that”.

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