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Mrunal Jain: For Character Preparation, I Left It To Rohit Sir

Best known for his roles in TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor's Bandini (Imagine TV, 2009- 2011), Uttaran (Colors TV, 2013 - 2015), ace TV producer Yash Patnaik's NagarJuna Ek Yoddha (Life OK, 2016), Bollywood actor Mrunal Jain in his recent exclusive interview with us spills beans on his upcoming bollywood film Sooryavanshi and also said, "for character preparation, I left it to Rohit sir".

In his exclusive interview with us, film actor Mrunal Jain says for character preparation, I left it to Rohit sir.

In his latest tete a tete conversational interview with us sharing details on his character in Sooryavanshi and lots more, Bollywood actor Mrunal Jain says, for character preparation, I left it to Rohit sir.

Opening up on his this antagonist performance oriented role being different from the other ones he’s played so far, in his latest interview, B town star Mrunal Jain says for character preparation, I left it to Rohit sir.

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Spilling up on this role being different from other ones he has played so far and the preparation he went through for this role in ace film maker Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi, Mrunal said, “For the preparation, I generally left it up to Rohit sir. They had this look for my character where they told me to grow my stubble and not cut my hair. You just need to leave it up to the director. That is what I did when I was on the set. I just went through the flow. I just kept my lines ready. When it came to character preparation, there were not much things to do because I left everything up to the director and stylist. They just told me to grow my beard and keep my hair like that. When it came to characterization, they gave me a brief of what was the journey of this character and I kept that in mind. I kept that emotion in mind that this is what I have to visit and this is why he became an antagonist. That’s what I did on my side. Rest everything on set with the director went smoothly”.

Opening up on his feeling of working in Sooryavanshi alongside the biggest Bollywood superstars Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn, Mrunal asserted, “I feel that they are three superstars of their generation also every other generation. It’s definitely a great feeling as you see them on screen, see the kind of effort that they put in and when you are there sharing a screen space with them. It is something where you definitely get conscious but there’s always that fan struck moment with them. You feel so happy from inside that even if you are getting beaten up by them. You are getting beaten up by Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn. That’s a feeling which was always there in my mind. They used to say that, Sir, I know you are his fan, but you are your character right now’. Then I said, I understand, but I can’t believe that I am there, in front of the screen with them”.

Mrunal also gave his take on how 2021 can be considered as an era of strong content backed films and series coming digitally and also in theatres. Highlighting this point, he said, “I feel digital content has already taken over a lot of audience space right now because people have got lot of addiction to digital content. I generally feel that the content coming on digital platforms is very good and I am personally addicted to it. So, digital content has taken over in 2020. So digital space are the new rulers right now when it comes to watching good content”.

Further, he also added this bit on how drastically content has changed from last year 2020 till now where strong content based films with author backed performance oriented roles are being done by talented actors digitally who are doing an excellent job, and asserted, “I feel the story should be narrated. The more the realism and realistic touch in the story of the film, the more natural it is going to be. That is how the audiences are going to connect with it and go to watch this type of content again and again. Like I watched Mirzapur, not once, but four times. Just for the content and kind of performances it had, the entire scenario which they created in every scene. How it was executed, how it was shot and filmed, how it was written, so that was something like a big attraction for me to watch it”.

Further, Mrunal also gave his top picks in digital web series that he absolutely loved watching and enjoyed binging on in quarantine last year. Elucidating on this one, he said, “It has to be Money Heist. Second is Mirzapur. Third is Aarya”.

Further, Mrunal also gave his take on digital being the next big thing now after Bollywood and said, “I feel digital has already become the next big thing now from last year 2020 as people have gotten used to it. They look forward to a lot of digital content. What happens is that for multiplex films, I have to go to a multiplex. But digitally, I have an app thorough which I can watch films and series digitally whenever I want to. So, now people look forward to digital apps and digital content”.

Mrunal when asked about content being the king for successful story telling in films or OTT, quipped, “Yes, I genuinely feel that content is going to be the king, but with content it is really important that the actor performing the role has to justify the content. At times, even good content fails if it is not being performed or executed well”.

Lastly, when asked about any future upcoming projects that he would like to tell us about, Mrunal said, “There are a few things, but once it gets materialized and signed then only I can say”.

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