Moushumi Chatterjee Warns People Speaking Against PM Modi & Ratan Tata

Moushumi Chatterjee says that she has tremendous respect for PM Modi and Ratan Tata and she can't hear a word against them.

Actress Moushumi Chatterjee, in an explosive interview with Lehren, spoke about her political foray. She admitted that politics is a dirty game which was the reason why she left politics in the mid-2000s. Moushumi is best known for her films like “Angoor” and “Roti Kapda Aur Makaan”. In 2004, Moushumi contested in the 2004 Lok Sabha election as a candidate for Indian National Congress, but lost. Moushumi decided to take a step back from the field of politics. Speaking on the same, Moushumi said, “Number 1, I didn’t understand politics. Number 2, I still don’t understand it. I realised there’s a very deep playing and all. It’s a risk. You either become one of them or you leave gracefully. Otherwise either you’ll die in a road accident or your child will be taken away. Today, by God’s grace, Modi Ji Zindabad.”

In 2019, Moushumi joined BJP. When asked if she resonates with the ideology of BJP, Moushumi clarified that more than that, it is Narendra Modi who influences her. She said, “I have lost many relations because of it. I am like, you can abuse any minister of BJP all you want, but don’t say a word about Modi Ji and Ratan Tata in front of me. It’s because they have always given to the nation. I am a very big fan of Ratan Tata and I still get attracted to seeing his photo of younger days. After my parents and my in-laws, I have tremendous respect for Ratan Tata and Modi Ji.”

Moushumi admitted that politics is still as risky as it was back then. She stated, “Yes it is risky even now. If you are a winner, you have more enemies than friends. When you step up the ladder, even your own people or spouse can’t take it. It is all because of ego. Even your own children get complex because you are so famous. Relatives and children of famous people think that they are tolerating their popularity and glamour.”

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