“Never Gives Any Credit” – Moushumi Chatterjee Calls Aparna Sen “Insecure”

Moushmi Chatterjee reveals how Konkona Sen got upset when she called her mother Aparna Sen "insecure" on a public platform.

Bengali talents Moushumi Chatterjee and Aparna Sen, who both started their career in the 60s worked together for “The Japanese Wife” where Aparna donned the director’s hat while Moushumi played the pivotal role of the aunt. In 2013, Aparna again signed Moushumi for her Bengali directorial “Goynar Baksho” (2013). However, something went down between the two beauties and they never collaborated again. Moushmi swore to never work again with Aparna citing that she never gives credit to others.

In a heart-to-heart conversation with journalist pal Bharathi S Pradhan, Moushumi opened up and put forth her views about Aparna. She said, “Aparna Sen is a good writer and she can narrate very well. She is good looking and attractive person. But I find her very insecure. It is my judgment.”

It’s not the first time Moushmi has called Aparna an insecure person. Back in 2015, Moushumi made similar statements that didn’t go down well with the Sen family. Upset to read Moushumi’s controversial statements about Aparna, her daughter-actress Konkana Sen Sharma went to Moushumi and asked her to not give such statements. Speaking on the same, Moushumi said in the latest interview, “Once her daughter told me why are you speaking negatively about my mother on a public platform? I said, ‘Someone’s mother is not just a mother. First, they are normal human beings. She is an individual person. And I have the right to talk about my director and my colleagues if I want to. I went for a press conference and they asked me about Aparna Sen. So I told what I felt and what I knew.”

She further added, “I could understand her daughter’s perspective who thought I was criticizing her mother. But I didn’t criticize anybody’s mother there. I said that she is insecure because she doesn’t give any credit to anybody. She takes help from so many people and she doesn’t mention their names also.”

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