Mom-To-Be Richa Chadha Talks About Focusing Onto New Ventures, Actress Enters Her Third Trimester

Mom-to-be Richa Chadha talks about working on new ventures while she enjoys the phase of her pregnancy. Hints towards bringing many projects post her pregnancy.

Mom-to-be actress Richa Chadha is soon to enter and start a new journey in parenthood. As she currently steps into the third trimester of her pregnancy, Chadha, came out to the media talking about how she is using this time to read and understand the scripts for her future projects. Chaddha, 37, is currently overseeing her projects at her production house which was started by her and her husband Ali Faizal in the year 2021.

Right now, Richa is getting ready for upcoming projects that she’ll be resuming to work on, post-pregnancy. She has ensured to make use of this time in reading scripts, and prep for future productions. Speaking of her current time, Richa says, “While I’m away from shooting, I’m not away from stories”.

While in her trimester, Richa tends to be a perfect example of how to beautifully juggle both personal as well as professional life cycles, for many women out there. The mom-to-be also said, “ This motherhood is going to be new for me like fatherhood will be new for Ali. We have had very free upbringings where no restrictions were placed on us by our parents. So, I think we will do the same. We will also surely try to inculcate the spirit of curiosity in the child.”  Both Ali and Richa aim towards inculcating a sense of curiosity in their newborn and raising the little one with utmost freedom.

During her conversation about the projects she is overlooking, Richa also hinted towards a bunch of unrevealed projects that will feature fresh voices and faces in the industry. With the way Richa has been communicating her thoughts, it seems that Ali and Richa’s new production will soon come up with the best projects so far. The actress was last seen in Netflix’s Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar in the role of Lajjo.

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