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Mom To Be Kareena Enjoying Alphonso Mangoes Says ‘Its All Mine’

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor who is in the final trimester of her pregnancy and is expected to deliver their second child in this month anytime soon, recently taking to her instagram stories posted a picture of a cart of almost ripe and sweet alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri and said its all mine.

The ace and stunning actress Kareena Kapoor is expecting her second child with hubby Saif Ali Khan. These both are the original power couple of Bollywood who have been giving us the family goals, couple goals, and so on. Kareena who is 9 months pregnant along with being in last trimester of pregnancy is still going strong by finishing her work commitments before delivery due date. Recently, mom to be Kareena enjoying alphonso mangoes says its all mine.

Her instagram fashion game even in pregnancy is strong and on fleek by giving women the maternity fashion goals that they should follow in their pregnancy. With both Kareena and Saif set for arrival of their bundle of joy soon in Feb 2021, mom to be Kareena enjoying alphonso mangoes says its all mine.

Taking to her instagram handle, the mommy to be stunning actress Kareena shared a picture of the cart of mangoes. A mango lover which she is from childhood, we saw the mom to be Kareena enjoying alphonso mangoes says it’s all mine.

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Kareena who is pregnant with their second child is in her final trimester and expected to deliver her baby anytime soon now wherein the ace actress is giving us goals of how to rock it whilst working even in pregnancy as she is pre occupied with her work commitments that she is trying to finish and is also keeping herself busy. Recently she also had dropped a cute BTS video from one of her ad shoots wherein we saw her holding the baby bump and her caption for the video mentioned not giving up even in 9 months of pregnancy.

As nowadays she keeps on giving all her fans and followers a sneak peek of what she is eating, she yet again also dropped another picture about the same wherein she is seen eating something sweet, juicy and delicious.

Taking to her instagram stories, second time pregnant Kareena shared picture of a cart of mangoes. A mango lover that she is, she said that these sweet alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri are all hers. Kareena shared this pic and gave a caption, “Nothing sweeter than these lovely Alphonsos from Ratnagiri”.

She asserted on how nothing is amazing and sweeter than alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri along with also adding, ‘Its all mine’ gif with that picture on her social media.

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