Mimoh-Namashi On Parents Mithun Chakraborty & Yogeeta Bali’s Colourful Past And Nepotism In Bollywood

From Namashi being awkward to watch his mother Yogeeta Bali romancing other actors on-screen to Mahaakshay's sportiveness on facing rejections; read to know everything that has been shared by Chakraborty brothers.

When we hear the word ‘star-kid’ it feels likes coming with an advantage of having a  godfather in the industry to effortlessly enter the glamorous world of cinema but as we say it isn’t same for everyone. Talking about one such sibling duo and children to greatest superstars of Bollywood Mithun Chakraborty ‘The Disco Dancer’ and drop-dead gorgeous Yogeeta Bali, they are Mahaakshay and Namashi!

The charming brother duo sat in chat with Lehren and been an openbook while sportively talking about how they still gracefully struggle to get roles in the industry, bond with their mom-dad, thoughts on their past controversies and much more.

Namashi, the youngest of mega-Chakraborty family opens up saying that he loves watching mother Yogeeta Bali and father Mithun Chakraborty romancing on-screen and reveals those are the only films he watched of his mother acting besides him. Because he gets awkward seeing her romance other stars like Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna or Dharam Ji. Unlike him Mahaakshay is an openbook to his mother and “talk about each and everything under the sun”.

Sharing a very affectionate bond with parents, if they’ve come across their past controversies, how do they react. Children of stars and born in this industry, the mature Namashi said, “Everybody has their own past” and “it’s very natural if I hear something about”. Adding to this Mimoh said, “That doesn’t matter, what matters is how they’re to us.”

For the unknown, Mithun-Yogeeta, both had failed marriages with Helena Luke and Kishore Kumar respectively before they fell in love with each other. Now, the star couple are happily married for 45 years and blessed with four adorable children.

Further, talking about their siblings Namashi expressed how happy he is for his sister Dishani and brother Ushmey who moved Los Angeles back in 2017. Sister being a theatre artist, his excitement touches peak while sharing about that he met his acting-god Al Pacino because of her. One of the most influential actors that world cinema has ever witnessed.

Talking about Nepotism, do they really need to talk about it? Mahaakshay fortunately shares how honoured he is to live a life he has been blessed with but getting into the film industry was never easy for them. Sportively adding about the time when they are auditioned and left declined, he says, “It’s ok, it will come to us when it has to.”

In conclusion, the Chakraborty brothers indulged in an anecdote about how all four siblings not only have unique Sanskrit names but the ones that have never been heard before. 

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