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Mika Slams Kangana On Instagram Amidst Kangana Diljit Twitter War

Now in the Kangana Diljit ugly social media war of words on the farmer's protest where Kangana irrationally just insulted an old woman, even ace and bollywood singer Mika Singh slams Kangana on Instagram.

The ongoing controversial mudslinging match between Kangana and Diljit which has been going on since Thursday on twitter, doesn’t really seem to be stopping anytime soon as now even well renowned Bollywood singer Mika slams Kangana on Instagram amidst Kangana Diljit Twitter war.

This war started when Kangana wrote a controversial now even deleted tweet on her account where she insulted an elderly old woman in the ongoing farmer’s protest and this tweet of her didn’t really settle down with many Punjabi film industry actors who gave it back to her and then after seeing this tweet, even the Good Newzz (2019) fame ace global superstar Diljit Dosanjh lost his cool and gave back a befitting reply to Kangana and then Twitteratis including both Kangana and Diljit’s fans witnessed the ugly and nasty social media war of words between Kangana and Diljit since Thursday morning which is simmering even now where both of them kept on giving back sarcastic replies and took pot-shots at each other in lieu of the farmer’s protest. Now apart from the Punjabi film and singing industry slamming her, even globally prominent Bollywood singer Mika slams Kangana on Instagram amidst Kangana Diljit Twitter war.

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Mika took to his official instagram handle after this ongoing war between Kangana and Diljit, where now even he has put across a post for his friends and fans where he clearly has written that earlier he admired and supported her even when her office was illegally demolished by BMC still he came out in her defence, but now he thinks he was really wrong about his perception of her till now.

On Instagram, Mika Singh shared a picture of the old woman that Kangana Ranaut spoke against very brutally and insensitively along with sharing her tweet in that post. In the picture caption, the singer wrote, “I used to have immense respect for @kanganaranaut , I even tweeted in support when her office was demolished. I now think I was wrong, Kangana being a woman you should show the old lady some respect. If you have any etiquette then apologise. Shame on you.. #farmers”.

The singer also penned that how being a woman herself, Kangana should have shown atleast some respect against the old lady that she insulted so badly in her tweets on Twitter and should apologize sincerely to that old woman if she has any good manners and etiquettes left within her. Mika ended his post by writing, “Shame On You” to Kangana.

Source: Mika Singh Instagram. He has blasted Kangana for her insensitive tweet on the old woman on Twitter.

What is your take on the Kangana Diljit Twitter war. Do let us know in the comments below.

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