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Mika Singh’s Neighbor KRK Sells His House

Mika Singh says that KRK has sold his house that was located right beside his studio.

Mika Singh is leaving no stone unturned to call out actor-turned-critic KRK (Kamaal R Khan) after his legal feud with Salman Khan. Recently, Mika Singh had announced his new song titled ‘KRK Kutta’ and requested his fans to run a hashtag of the same.

Mika Singh and his team are currently busy working on the song. They recently visited their studio where they were asked a few questions about the ongoing controversy.

During the conversation, he told that KRK’s home is right beside his studio. He also told that KRK has now sold his home. Addressing KRK, Mika said, “You will always be my son, KRK. Don’t be scared of me. I will not beat you up. You are my neighbor afterall. Don’t sell your houses because of me.”

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The controversy started after Salman Khan filed a defamation case against KRK. Salman’s legal team said that the case was filed not because KRK gave a bad review to Radhe but because he made personal remarks on Salman, his family and his NGO ‘Being Human’.

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