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Mika Requests Netizens To Not Compare Dog With KRK Kutta

In his recent tweet on his official twitter handle reposting a fan's video post, Bollywood singer Mika Singh requests netizens to not compare a dog with KRK Kutta.

Bollywood’s global superstar Salman Khan recently few days back itself filed a defamation suit against the Bigg Boss 3 fame self acclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan for his slandering remarks on the actor and his Being Human foundation post which Salman’s legal team at DSK issued an official statement on same and then even singer Mika Singh came out in support of Salman and also officially announced about a new diss track against KRK titled as ‘KRK Kutta’ and also before his song would come out, the singer warned KRK to not mess with Salman but then KRK called Mika an unpadh and now on a lighter note, Mika requests netizens to not compare dog with KRK Kutta.

Taking to his official social media handle and resharing a fan’s video about a dog along with hitting back at Kamaal R Khan in his latest tweet post on microblogging site Twitter, Mika requests netizens to not compare dog with KRK Kutta.

On Monday, taking to his official twitter handle and sharing a fan made video about a dog who is addressed as ‘KRK’ along with targeting the self acclaimed critic yet again, Mika requests netizens to not compare dog with KRK Kutta.

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Hitting back at Kamaal R Khan in his latest tweet off late, the singer humbly requested the fans, followers and netizens on social media to not compare a dog and also not make fun of it by labelling him with the name tag of KRK Kutta and his tweet mentioning about same, read, “I Request everybody please don’t make fun of dogs . I repeat thank you and don’t compare dogs with #KRKKutta. It’s my humble request to everyone…”.

Source: Mika Singh Twitter. Hitting it back at Kamaal R Khan who called him unpadh, Mika requested fans to not make fun of a dog by comparing it with KRK.

Not only this, but Mika then also following the online trend with hashtag #KRKKutta urged and told his fans of not doing this kind of a thing ever again.

Meanwhile, the tweet made by the fan read, “Ab tweeter private kar ke pith dikha raha hai #KRKKutta now u will come to knw the pain tht all the film actors n actresses hav gone through only person have come forward n stood up for this thnx to @MikaSingh We love you for ur generous nature and talent love u sir ji”.

The fan lauded singer for standing up against KRK and also slammed the critic for always criticising actors and actresses.

Source: Pannu Mann Twitter. This fan posted the viral video wherein someone is comapring dog with KRK on social media which was reposted by Mika Singh requesting fans to not make fun of a dog.

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