Mastermind Behind Jacqueline’s Hair In Genda Phool Is Hairstylist Madhav

During a recent interview, gorgeous B town star Jacqueline Fernandez's hairstylist Madhav Trehan spills the beans about Jacquelines trending hairstyle looks in the music video song Genda Phool which has topped the music video charts on Youtube as the number one song of 2020 in the list of 10 top songs of 2020.

This is an exciting piece of news as the mastermind behind Jacqueline’s hair in Genda Phool is hairstylist Madhav.

If you have absolutely loved Jacqueline’s unique and different hair styles in the hit song Genda Phool sung by the ace Bollywood rapper / singer Badshah along with Payal Dev, then you should surely know that the mastermind behind Jacqueline’s hair in Genda Phool is hairstylist Madhav.

Since we know that 2020 is going to end in next 3 days, recently Youtube India has announced the top 10 music videos of the year 2020 in which the foot tapping dance number Genda Phool sung by Badshah, Jacqueline and Payal Dev featuring the stunning diva B town starlet Jacqueline Fernandez and Badshah himself, topped the musical video charts where all Jacqueline fans also went ga ga and wow over her hairstyles in the music video. So, the real brains and mastermind behind Jacqueline’s hair in Genda Phool is hairstylist Madhav.

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YouTube India has recently announced its top 10 videos. In the music video category, rapper, Badshah, topping the charts with Genda Phool, which features the voices of Jacqueline Fernandez and Payal Dev.  The music video is directed by Sneha Shetty. Jacqueline shows off some great hairstyles in the music video and the mastermind behind this is the hairstylist Madhav Trehan. Jacqueline and Madhav have worked together in multiple projects.

Speaking of the glamorous hairstyle and the music video,  Madhav says, “It always feels good working with Jacqueline and working with her in Genda Phool was so much fun. I still remember when I was asked to style 3 different hairdos for Jacqueline. The style was based on a Bengali woman. So I took help from my Bengali friends and put those references in the look.  High pony, wavy and straight long hair were a few of the looks we had decided on. Jacqueline was nervous initially but once the cameras started rolling, we were all confident”.

Madhav thinks styling hair for a particular music video is always challenging since you have short screen time and get less time to work on it. What do you think made the music video stand out so much and top the charts?. On this Madhav said, “I think everything, the look, the song, the beat, and overall the presentation worked in favour”.

We are sure that the young hairstylist will go far in the industry.

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