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Manoj Bajpayee Has A Rule To Accept Scripts Only In Devanagari 

Manoj Bajpayee as an actor strictly refuses scripts provided in any other language than Hindi

Manoj Bajpayee feels our national language Hindi is being sidelined in society. He thinks this is happening in the film industry too with everyone taking a stronghold of English. As his share on giving Hindi desired importance, Manoj Bajpayee has the rule to accept scripts only in Devanagari. Devanagari is a script in which Hindi and Sanskrit languages are written.

The Padma Shri recipient doesn’t accept scripts that are penned in English or Hinglish and insists to read scripts in Devanagari only. He feels when an actor has to deliver dialogues in Hindi then the script should also be provided in the same language. Manoj Bajpayee as an actor strictly refuses scripts provided in any other language than Hindi. 

He explained, “It’s not the fault of the entertainment industry. I feel that everyone likes to send their children to an English-medium school, whether they are good, bad, or average. We want our children to learn to speak English first. And then, if there is time and energy, they can go ahead and learn some other language. So, actually, we are failing as parents. We are failing as teachers, too, to inculcate a passion for our own language.”

The Family Man actor went on to say, “entertainment industry is no different from society. Everyone who is coming into the industry, I would say 90-95% of them, only write in English. It’s an unfortunate thing. There are very few of us who demand that our scripts be written in Devanagari. I refuse to read anything else. If it is written in English, it is returned back to them. It’s not like I don’t know English. I know the language, but as artistes, we are expressing or we need to express ourselves in Hindi (on screen), so it should be in our knowledge of writing, reading and speaking. In fact, reading [scripts] in Hindi should definitely be there.”

Manoj Bajpayee will be next seen in the dark comedy thriller ‘Soup’ alongside Konkana Sen. Directed by Abhishek Chaubey Soup will premiere on streaming giant Netflix. 

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